«pl.it / rassegna italiana di argomenti polacchi», 12, 2021, pp. 110-132

Giovanna Brogi

University of Milan / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In the Name of Mary: Baranowicz, Jaworski, and the Good Pastor

ABSTRACT. The only surviving manuscript of a sermon pronounced by Stefan Jaworski in Kyiv on 8 September 1693 includes a “funeral note” commemorating Łazarz Baranowicz’s death. Jaworski’s sermon and funeral note, which in the extant witness follows the sermon, have neither been published nor studied before. By providing an analysis of both, the aim of this paper is to investigate and compare the works of the two preachers and poets, and to draw some conclusions about their personalities, poetic style, and worldview. Baranowicz’s poems and Jaworski’s sermon also provide some interesting details which shed new light on the literary and cultural milieu of Kyiv and Czernihów in the last three decades of the 17th century.

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