«pl.it / rassegna italiana di argomenti polacchi», 10, 2019, pp. 64-79

Andrea Ceccherelli

University of Bologna / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sulle barricate trent’anni dopo. L’esperienza dell’insurrezione di Varsavia nelle poesie di Anna Świrszczyńska

On the barricades thirty years later. The experience of the Warsaw uprising in Anna Świrszczyńska’s poetry

ABSTRACT. The article focuses on the poetry collection Budowałam barykadę (Building a barricade) by Anna Świrszczyńska, published in 1974, thirty years after the Warsaw Uprising, which is the theme of the volume. During the past three decades, the author worked out an essential style that was free of pathos, objective, and close to the colloquial speech, which proved to be the only possible way of speaking about such dramatic events as those lived and observed during the uprising when the author was a field nurse helping the insurrectionists. Thanks to its stylistic discipline, the short poems of Budowałam barykadę are the most durable poetic witness of the Warsaw Uprising.

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