«pl.it / rassegna italiana di argomenti polacchi», 8, 2017, pp. 38-53

Valentina Brusamento

Independent Researcher / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Niedokonany. L’opus magnum incompiuto di Tadeusz Miciński

Niedokonany: Tadeusz Miciński’s undone opus magnum

ABSTRACT. In this article, we offer a summary of the most recent Polish studies about the undone poem Niedokonany by the modernist writer Tadeusz Miciński (1873-1918). This posthumous prose poem underwent complex vicissitudes and was probably still being revised by the author when he died in 1918. It could therefore be regarded as the ultimate attempt to structure his otherwise chaotic philosophical views. Unfortunately, given the “undoneness” of the work, its meaning is not clear. Is it, as Wojciech Gutowski claims, a representation of a failed Jungian reintegration process? Or should we rather consider it a metaphor for a human being trying to free the divine spark inside him, as Jarosław Ławski suggests? Both theories are indeed fascinating and seem well grounded, but some acute remarks by Jerzy Sosnowski unveil their inconsistencies and hint at yet another interpretation.

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