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« / rassegna italiana di argomenti polacchi», 7, 2016, pp. 15-25

„Najmłodsi futuryści warszawscy”, czyli o peryferiach polskiego futuryzmu – próba rekonesansu

Krzysztof Jaworski

“The youngest Warsaw futurists”. A Reconnaissance of the Periphery of Polish Futurism

ABSTRACT. The article discusses the so-called periphery of Polish Futurism, especially the activities of those known as the “Youngest Warsaw futurists”, who to this day are considered only as imitators or even plagiarists of writers such as Bruno Jasieński and Aleksander Wat, the artists who represent the mainstream of this literary movement. These groups (“Warsaw Katarynka”, “Homunkulus”) were active in literary field in the years 1921-1924, but most of their ephemera (“jednodniówki” – once-lived publications) have so far been considered missing. The article attempts for the first time to sort out the chronology of these publications and to show them in the broader context of “recognised” Futurist publications.

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